Bottle Changes

Good day everyone….

There is going to be a slight change to the bottle options that are available as we continue to prepare things for when the FDA steps in.

The 120ml glass bottle will no longer be an option due to the fact that there is no child safety cap for it.

However, a new 100ml plastic bottle will be taking it’s place….

As of this post : Jan 3rd 2016 10 AM Central time, the 120ml is still an option, however we have only 6 bottles left.    It will be a first come first serve and as such we might be contacting you should you order a 120ml bottle today and we are out.

I’m currently in the process of making the changes but with over 120 E-liquids, it’s going to take me the next hour or so to get them all done.

All bakery and Candy based E-liquids have already been changed.

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