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Cloud Chasing

Cloud Chasing, What is it?

Cloud Chasing is a common term among vapers and refers to anyone trying to get bigger clouds from their vaping setup.

Many vapor shops now hold cloud competitions to see who can blow out the biggest cloud, with the winners generally getting some kind of prize for doing so.

What’s the point of being able to blow out big vapor clouds?    None really other than a “cool” factor.   Being able to blow big clouds is not a requirement to using an E-Cig to quit smoking.

Most cloud chasers will generally being vaping on 75%+ VG E-Liquids with very little to no nicotine.

Higher level VG E-Liquids will help produce denser clouds at the slight cost of flavor.

Cloud Chasing most common questions that are asked:

  1. What setup do I need to blow big clouds?
  2. What is the best RBA for blowing big clouds?
  3. What is the best coil build to use for blowing big clouds?

These three questions are also the hardest to answer for several reasons:

While the device and the RDA play important roles when it comes to cloud chasing, the most important is the coil build being used.

So what’s the best coil build for blowing out big clouds?

Well, in my opinion it’s the one that you’re happy with.

Coil building is a craft that requires practice, yes you can Google and Youtube all day for the best coil build but in the end the coil you build yourself that you are the most happy with is the one that will allow you to blow the biggest cloud possible…..

Many factors go into getting the biggest cloud possible, not everyone has the same lung capacity and as such the coil build you saw on YouTube might not be the best for you.

How much one can inhale is also semi dependent on how fast and how hot the vapor being produced is.   Some people can inhale way more vapor that is warmer than what others can handle.  Of course how hot the vapor gets depends on various things such as what gauge wire was used and what voltage/wattage a device is set at.

Due to all the various factors that revolve around rebuilding and cloud production, it’s very possible that the YouTube video you just watched saying use this and get bigger clouds than anyone else will actually suck for you in practice because maybe the vapor being produced from said setup is getting hotter than what you like or maybe the video watched is using thick gauge wire which requires a higher power output in order for the coils to heat up within a decent amount of time and you lack a device to adequately push the coils.


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