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E-Cigarette Health Concerns

The biggest question that has many in an uproar revolves around E-Cigarette health concerns.

Since vaping started to take over in the U.S.A, various stories have come out saying how bad they are for you, that in some cases are more evil than cigarettes.

My hopes for this post is to shine some light on the matter of E-Cigarette health and at the very least offer some food for thought.

Lately, it seems like the news has a habit of exaggerating E-Cigarette health concerns to the point that it’s right down stupid, however, the thing to remember is the same people that own the news stations are also tied to tobacco and oil companies in some way or another.

The latest E-Cigarette health concern to hit the news is being referred to as popcorn lungs and let’s not forget about the whole formaldehyde ordeal that got many really excited and concerned….  There is also the concern of pneumonia and my all time favorite, PG used in E-liquids is in antifreeze and will kill you ….

First and foremost, anyone that has ANY E-Cigarette health concerns should do their research and not just believe everything seen on TV or in the paper.

The studies behind the formaldehyde reports IMO, should be taken with a grain a salt because some of the studies are outdated and others used a testing method that is not realistic compared to how a person vapes.

The other thing to keep in mind is most of these reports seem to revolve around Blu e-cigs which for those that don’t know, is owned by a tobacco company..   Imagine that, a tobacco company with a product that could be harmful….

Vaping can cause pneumonia?    Perhaps yes if you’re standing at the north pole naked and vaping 24/7 non stop or have a compromised immune system or other severe lung related problem but vaping in itself can not cause it without other major factors being in play.

Another E-Cigarette health concern is Propylene Glycol, which is found in antifreeze and since it’s found in e-liquids, it’s going to kill you!    I can’t help but laugh everytime I hear this.  While it is true that PG can be found in some antifreeze, It’s also found in many over the counter oral products, medications and many restaurants use it to cook the food you have been eating your whole life.

The PG is put into antifreeze to actually MAKE IT LESS TOXIC!  Funny how the news stations never mention that part….  Wiki information

The artificial flavors used to make E-liquids are bad for you?   Really?  Even tho it’s the same ones found in too many to list candies and other things that are consumed on a daily basis and not by just a few or even a few million but by BILLIONS.

At the end of the day, when it comes to E-Cigarette health concerns, consider this.

The FDA has approved medications with side effects that can damage your liver, kidneys and in rare cases even cause death….    During the summer months in Japan, the pollution is so bad that many wear masks when outside.

Are E-Cigarettes really as bad as they say when the very air we breath is just as bad.

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