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E-cigarette Regulation

E-cigarette Regulation – Reasons to be worried

There is a increasing alarm in the vapor community that the FDA will sometime in the near future begin E-cigarette Regulation.

Not only do vapor shops have a reason to be concerned but so do vapers in general.

The following is my own (IT Ninja) personal point of view on the matter and might not necessarily reflect the point of view of Stella Blues as a whole.   Also, just like any point of view on anything should be taken as is.

The debate for E-cigarette Regulation in the FDA has been heavy the last few months.    One of the suggested things that would be put in place is all E-liquids would have to be tested before being allowed to be sold.

This has many vapor shops nervous because at the moment it’s suggested that this test would cost a vapor shop roughly $35,000 per E-liquid.   (All subject to change since it’s still being debated)

Not many if any vapor shop that makes their own E-liquids will be able to afford this insane inflated price, tho I feel this price has been purposely set high  due to manipulation from the tobacco companies.

In the case of Stella Blues, it would cost over 4 million dollars to have every current E-liquid we make and offer to be tested based on the above suggested test price.

No current vapor shop in this country will be able to afford this and even companies that have no shops and simple make E-liquid to wholesale to vapor shops will most likely not be able to either.

This is the number one reason why so many shops and E-liquid makers are fearing E-cigarette Regulation by the FDA but it’s also why regular vapors should be very concerned with E-cigarette Regulation as well.

If vapor shops are forced to close in mass because of the above, the consumer / vapor will suffer the most as there will be no way to buy new E-liquid….

I personally am alarmed by this idea because I can’t help but wonder how many will turn back to cigarettes, even more so if the person has just started vaping.

This point alone makes me believe the tobacco companies are manipulating the situation far beyond what they should be doing or allowed to do to push the FDA into E-cigarette Regulation.

However, the above is being helped by an ever increasing issue that not many will admit to or even acknowledge.   The vapor community in itself is partially to blame for this.

I’d like to point out that not every vapor falls into this cloud of blame but the following is more of a problem than anyone will admit to.

Issues caused by the vapor community from my personal point of view that might push the FDA into E-cigarette Regulation.

1) Careless leaving bottles of E-liquid with nicotine in places where children or pets are able to get a hold of the bottle.

2) Parents  who feel it is completely ok for their  child who is under 18 (12-17) to be vaping.    Even if the E-liquid has no nicotine in it when the parent bought everything for their child, there is no guarantee that they won’t at some point get their hands on E-liquid with nicotine in it, most likely from a friend who is of age or in some cases by stealing it.

3) Complete and utter disrespect for businesses and the those around them.

The following issue is a huge annoyance to me because I like many others can see the negative effect it has on the community as whole.    While this is mainly an issue with cloud chasers only, every vaper should be aware of this.

Many businesses along with a lot of vapors find it VERY disrespectful for a vapor to sit down at Applebee’s and begin to immanently start filling the entire place up with vapor to the point that you can’t see the table next to you.

This is mainly an issue with the younger crowd who somehow think they are cool by doing this, let me be the first to say to these type of people.   Not only are you not cool but all you’re doing is showing that you’re an ass.

This is the single and probable the only reason why many restaurants will not allow vaping.    The E-liquid makers, the vapor shops, and even the manipulation of tobacco companies is not to blame for this, it’s the vapors at blame.

Point #3 is not only being used heavily by the tobacco companies to manipulate the general public but also the FDA to push for E-cigarette Regulation.

So I ask, is the E-liquid makers and vapor shops really to blame for the issues that might force the FDA into E-cigarette Regulation or is it us the vapors to blame?

While more and more doctors have sided with the vapor community, their say can only carry so far to help the vaping world before some of the issues as pointed out above outweigh what they are saying.

Want to help?   Find more information @ CASAA.org

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