E-cigarettes cheap vs expensive
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E-cigarettes cheap vs expensive

E-Cigarettes Cheap vs Expensive, Reasons for the huge variance.  Cheaper is almost always a bad thing.

There are so many factors at play right now in the E-Cig world that is causing prices to be so extreme in range that it will make your head spin, here are just a few reasons as I currently see it that cause prices for the same device to vary greatly from shop to shop but also from one online site to the next.

Just like any other product on the planet, the manufacturer is part of the problem.  Instead of working together, they all have the attitude “I’m better than you”.    I for one am actually very surprised that they all agreed to use a standard connection between the device and tank, known as the 510 connection.

Could you just imagine what the market would be like if they did not agree on this, we would be back in the 80’s when it was VHS vs Beta and everyone that was around in those days will tell you it SUCKED BAD.

Another issue is mass production, while China is by far the biggest producer, there are other surrounding countries that contribute to the issue.   Since China can mass produce just about anything at such insane rates, the prices for hardware is very very cheap over there.  Allowing China based companies to mass stock hardware at a fraction of the cost to do so here in the US, if they so choose to mass stock which is not even necessary for most.

Currently there is an insane amount China E-cig companies wanting to wholesale to US vapor shops / US based wholesalers.    Why so are there so many?

A China based company buys 1,000 no name eliquid tank from a mass production factory for $2 a piece, turns around and wholesales that same 1,000 tanks to US based vapor companies for $12 a piece.    Of course the vapor shops than have to mark the price up and while in a lot of cases the price is still decent for most, China makes way more per unit than any US vapor shop.   The only way to even it out is for US shops to mark said product even higher than what the item is actually potentially worth.

This allows even a  20 year old college student living in China to start an e-cig company online and then send out massive spam with the hopes of getting a few bits based on the prices offered.   Since they have the ability to do this, most do not even need a office or storage space because if the said college student gets a order from a US vapor shop / wholesaler.   All they have to do is turned around and order from the China based manufacturer since they now have your money and in most cases have it shipped from said manufacture.   College student puts little effort into it, has your money and because prices are cheaper over there, make huge profits in some cases off just one US based vapor /wholesaler.

This brings us to the biggest problem with E-cigarettes cheap vs expensive.

Clones, Clones, CLONES….

Unlike many countries, including  the US, China and Japan have very different copyright laws.     I will admit I have not looked into this aspect much but my general understanding is as long as a change is made to the original design, anyone can use the design you created.  China companies are allowed to make a 1 to 1 copy of said design…   Well maybe not allowed per say but based on the sheer number of clones flooding the market, I can only conclude that little effort is be put into stopping it.

The Aspire Atlantis I think is a very good example of this, to my knowledge and by all means if I’m wrong please someone correct me here, Aspire was the first company to come up with and produce a sub tank design, all other sub tanks now flooding the market have been a copy of that design with very minor changes made and by making these minor changes, other companies get to benefit from the sub tank craze without actually pouring money into R&D for a design of their own.

To add to the above issues, many vapor shops in the US face an even bigger problem, where they wholesale from.   Third party wholesale companies (college student example) are able to entice shops with what seems to be low prices but those low prices come with a high price.   It’s almost a 100%  guarantee it’s a clone but some wholesalers will claim it’s authentic when it’s not.    Some vapor shops just don’t know better but in other cases the shop did actually know it was a clone and figured they could easily pass it off as an authentic since clones general look no different than the authentic.

When it comes to online shops that have no physical B&M stores at all, I would be even more cautious.    A good example is one website that many vapor’s claim is just awesome but these vapors fail to realize they are actually being ripped off and lied to.      I won’t flat out mention the site but their initials would be FT.    Case in point, I checked out the site today and everything says authentic in front of the device name and based on the prices, I can say none of it is  authentic because wholesale companies and vapor shops can’t even order 1,000 units of something and get that low of a price directly from the manufacturer’s.

This means the so claimed authentics are 100% clones, because for a company to charge so a low price on even high end box mods would mean they paid less than that to get it in and as I just pointed out, you can’t get some of these devices directly from the company that made the device for that cheap.

Not all clones are bad tho, the issue is mainly with E-cig devices and tanks.    RDA’s do not really count IMO because of how simple they are in construction.   Mech mods I feel are the same way, a hollow tube that you place a battery in is made the same way no matter what and invalidates the need for buying an overpriced authentic.

Another good example of this is cotton for vapors that build their own coils.   Some will swear that Japanese cotton is the only cotton anyone should use.   Cotton is cotton, it’s all grown in fields and it’s all treated the same with bug killers and what not.    What makes jap cotton different from say Cotton Bacon is the process that the company used to wash down the cotton to remove all the nasty crap that farmers are forced to spray on it and then how it’s packaged.

I often tell new vapor customers that come in looking for their first setup, the more you spend towards a device, the happier you will be.    I generally compare to computers and cell phones.   Sure you can get that $350 laptop deal that Best Buy offers basically all the time but based on the hardware your 1) being ripped off and 2)it should be common sense a laptop costing $3000 is not only going to be a billion times better in every way but will more likely satisfy the user short term and long term.

The E-Cig world is the same way.    Sure you can go buy the iStick 100 watt box mod online for $40 compared to the local vapor shop selling it for $100.   You are guaranteeing yourself a clone and when it comes to clones of high end box mods, they just suck and generally last no more than 3 months, is some cases only a few days.    Now you’re going and paying more money for another one to the point you actually spend more in the long run than if you had just spent the $100 at the local vapor shop.

The above does however mean one thing, no matter where you buy your device, online or local vapor shop.    When it’s time to buy, consider some of the factors that go into E-cigarettes cheap vs expensive.

There is still a chance that even after spending way more money at the local shop compared to the online price, that it’s still a clone.   This is by no means a fault of the vapor shop, as pointed out above, many third party wholesalers will claim it’s legit when it’s in fact a clone and since most clones look just like the real deal, it can be VERY hard to tell one from  the other.

Again, the above is just one point of view when it comes to E-cigarettes cheap vs expensive and should be taken as such.   Don’t agree or have something to add to the above?   By all means leave a comment.

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