I’m new to all this, how do I know what nicotine level to start out with?

That is one of, if not the most important question to ask. If you pick a nicotine level that is higher than what you are used to, you could make yourself sick.

On the other hand, if you pick a nicotine level that is lower than what you are used to, you might find yourself buying a pack! WE DON’T WANT THAT!

Sub Tank Update:  Very Important!

When using sub tanks such as the Aspire Atlantis or KangerTech Sub Mini / Nano it is highly advisable to not exceeded 6 mg of nicotine.  Since sub tanks allow you to take in more vapor per hit, you are actually getting more nicotine per hit even tho the the nicotine in the E-Liquid is lower causing the total amount of nicotine one intakes in a day to be about the same and part of that is from using more E-Liquid with a sub tank.

While there is no dead on math that can be followed since everyone takes different sizes hits, the following is just a example to show how it kind of works out.

When using a non sub tank, if you were vaping 4ml a day at 24mg, you were getting roughly 100 mg of nicotine in your system per day. (4 x 24 = 96).

With sub tanks however you will burn thru way more E-liquid, Let’s say you are vaping thru 12 ml of E-liquid now.   At the same 24mg, you will be taking in close to 300 mg per day (12×24) which is way more than what you are used to and could potentially cause headaches, light headedness, sick to the stomach. You will also be raising your nicotine tolerance which goes against what an E-cig is used for.

This is why sub tank vapors must lower the nicotine level in the E-liquid they use.   12ml x 6mg = 72 mg per day.

The most important thing is how much nicotine you take in per day.


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The below information DOES NOT apply to sub Tanks and MUST be ignored!

We find the following guidelines to work for most:

  • For 1 or more packs per day of full flavor reds.

A nicotine level 18mg (1.8mg) works for most, with 2.5-3 packs per day users needing 24mg (2.4mg) to start.

  • For 1 or more packs per day of lights.

A nicotine level of 12mg (1.2mg) tends to work for most, with 2+ packs users needing 16mg (1.6mg) or even 18mg (1.8mg).

  • For 1 or more packs per day of ultra lights.

A nicotine level of from 2mg (0.2mg) to a max of 14mg (1.4mg) depending if it’s a pack a day or a pack every few days.