RBA, RDA, RTA Tanks, What’s the difference?

You might have heard the term RBA or RDA before and in recent times, RTA.     What do they mean and what’s the difference between them you ask?

Please keep in mind that the vaping world currently is debating heavily on what each term actually means and what tanks fall under each term.

RBA (ReBuildable Atomizers)

The RBA term in most cases is used to describe any E-liquid tank that requires the users to build coils for it.

RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers)

RDA refers to any rebuildable tank that requires the user to manually saturate the wick.

This is where the term “drippers” comes from since the user must “drip” fresh e-liquid every so many hits to keep the wick soaked with liquid.

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers)

RTA type tanks are RDA’s that included a tank section to actually fill up with E-liquid.

RTA’s are best for those that want to build their own coils but are always on the go. Because a tank is involved that can hold 1-4ml of E-liquid, it’s not necessary to drip.

RTA’s are nice for the convenience they offer but some feel the flavor is not as strong as a RDA.    The plus side to using an RDA is you can switch e-liquid at any time by just dripping the new e-liquid on to the coil.