What Are The Reward Points and How Do I Use Them?

The reward points are our way to give back to you, the customer, to reward you for shopping with us and to help you save on your next order.  For every $1 spent towards an order, you’ll get 10 points.

You also get 75 points for creating a new account on our site.

As an extra bonus, customers can also get 50 points for each review they post. Either for hardware or for our Award winning Premium E-Liquid.

As for the How:  Points can be redeemed on the checkout page. A customer with points will see something like “Use 195 Points for a $3.25 discount on this order! with a “Apply discount” button to the right of it.

For example, using 400 points will take $5 off an order.  If it is your first order with us, make an account for the 75 points and those points can then be used on your first order.

The current ratios for the reward point system are subject to change.

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Abusing the review system:

Posting reviews on hardware or E-Liquid not purchased by the reviewer will be frown upon with the possibility of having his  or her points reset to zero.