Sub-Ohm Vaping Advisory

Stella Blues Vapors

Sub-Ohm Vaping Advisory

Stella Blues Vapors does not view sub-ohm vaping as dangerous in itself but acknowledges it can be VERY dangerous if certain safety guidelines are not always followed.

Stella Blues Vapors encourages and almost insists that anyone new to Sub-Ohm Vaping do research on the matter first.    Both Google and YouTube have endless amounts of information on Sub-Ohm Vaping.

If you have any uncertainty on what you’re doing, we ask that you take some time to ask someone.    If your local vape shop doesn’t seem to know much about Sub-Ohm Vaping, we suggest you find another shop fast.

Sub-Ohm Vaping is normally safe:

Based on research and reading lots of forum posts, we say it’s normally safe because there has only been one major reported incident of a mod blowing up from Sub-Ohm Vaping.   This incident was reported to happen at VapeBlast in August 2014.

There is little proof that Sub-Ohm Vaping is dangerous unless the vaper has ignored all safety precautions and / or is using a setup that is obviously outside the realm of what is considered normal use/operation of a Sub-Ohm setup.

In almost all cases, the main factor for a Sub-Ohm setup going bad is the person trying to Sub-Ohm Vape, has never before vaped or they have been using the basic of basic E-cigs to this point and did not take the time to ask questions or do any research.

Yes, anyone can go to YouTube, watch how to build a Sub-Ohm coil and go with it but it is VERY IMPORTANT that one understands the mechanics be hide the whole process.    Building a coil at 0.45 Ohms is only one part of process towards safe Sub-Ohm Vaping.

Why you hear and read about things blowing up:

Many factors play a huge roll when it comes to Sub-Ohm Vaping and one of the biggest is the battery being used.

For starts, ALWAYS make sure to use an IMR battery.   The main reason for this is if a genuine IMR battery is destroyed due to Sub-Ohm Vaping or from any use in general, the battery will melt down with very little gas being released.   The gas and how much is released from a battery is semi the deciding factor if the battery actually blows up or not.

Due to the chemistry of an ICR battery, they are known to release far more gas when having a meltdown compared to IMR batteries and as such have a far GREATER chance of actually blowing up.

The gasses that can be released from a melting battery is the main reason why many mechanical mods have air holes / air vents along the length of the whole mod.

If a battery starts to have a meltdown while installed in a mod with no air ventilation, the gases that the battery expels will build up within the mod, the more gas build up within such a small space, the greater the chance of the heat from the melting battery igniting the gas.

No matter how safe you play it or how much you know, there is still one issue with batteries that can be hard to avoid.   Counterfeit batteries or ICR batteries that have been marked as being IMR.

Another main cause for such blowing up stories and posts around the internet is from battery stacking.    Battery stacking is when you take two 18350 batteries and stack them within a mechanical mod.   Doing so is VERY dangerous!!


Sub-Ohm Vaping Tips:

Mechanical mods that have no air vents in the battery compartment area will most likely exploded if a battery vents gas violently during a meltdown.

Remember to always use an IMR battery since ICR batteries will release more gases during a meltdown, increasing the chance of a non-ventilated mod to explode.

Building your coil below 0.2 Ohms will increase the AMP draw on the battery exponentially and therefor increase the risk of things going wrong if the battery is rated below 30 AMPS.

Using ultra low coils with cheap no name batteries is a path to disaster.  When planning to Sub-Ohm Vape, ALWAYS use at least a 30 AMP battery.

If you are unsure or the risks above put you off some, don’t build a coil below 0.5 Ohms.

If your mechanical mod is getting warm or even to the point of being so hot that you use a towel to hold it, you are entering a danger zone of things going wrong fast.    This is an indication that coils being used are pushing the battery past its limit.    Either upgrade to a better battery or rebuild your coils at a high Ohm rating.