Temperature Control Vaping

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Most current electronic cigarettes on the market today are known as variable voltage / variable wattage devices.    With these types of devices one must set their voltage or wattage setting telling the device how much power to use.

Temperature Control Devices work almost in the same way but instead of setting a wattage setting, you will see a temperature setting (300-600F).

Temperature Control Vaping not only requires a temperature control device but it also requires the use of a different type of Atomizer (coil) for the tank being used.   These coils are currently being referred to as NI200 for nickel and TI-Titanium for titanium based coils.

Currently only a handful of sub tanks have the NI200 coils available, such as the Aspire Atlantis, KangerTech Sub Mini & Sub Nano tanks.


NI200 and TI-Titanium coils are to ONLY be used with Temperature Control Devices that are in Temp control mode, using NI200 or TI-Titanium coils on a non-temp control device may or may not damage your device.

Likewise, using non Temperature Control coils on a Temperature Control device in Temp mode may or may not harm the device.   Non Temp control coils can safely be used on Temperature control devices as long as the device is not set in temp control mode, as most devices require you to switch the mode the device is using.

The above is uncertain because not all devices are the same.