Vaping Power Chart

Vaping Power Chart – How to use it

Vaping Power Chart

Credit to the original creator of this chart.

Update 2015:

Thanks to the introduction of sub tanks such as the Aspire Atlantis and newer box mods that can use such sub tanks.   The above vaping power chart and the information in this FAQ, no longer apply and should be ignored if using a sub tank.

The above vaping power chart is for older pen style devices and first generation box mods such as the Innokin MVP.

Quick example as to why:

When you set wattage, on a iStick 50W, it measures the resistance of your coil ( ohms ) and calculates the voltage required to produce X watts of power.

When you set voltage, it outputs the voltage you set, producing power in watts according to whatever coil you are using and ohms law.

Wattage is the unit of power, and most vapors prefer using wattage, as it more directly correlates with power, heat, and ultimately vapor production.

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As an example to better explain this chart, keep this in mind.   You’re using a 2.5ohm atomizer (the Resistance column) and you’re using a non adjustable E-Cig or a mod set at 3.7 volts (Bottom row), you will find your self vaping at roughly 6 watts.

Let say your using a non adjustable E-Cig and most if not all put out 3.7 volts constant.   If you find that 6 watts is not enough, the only way to increase it is to lower the ohm rating of the atomizer you’re using.   Take our 2.5 example, lower that to a 1.8 ohms and you will find yourself vaping at 7.6 watts compared to the 6 watts with the 2.5 atomizer.