VG PG ratio of Stella Blues Vapors E-Liquids

All E-liquids custom made by Stella Blues Vapors use a VG PG ratio of 55VG / 45PG

The Sub Brew Line uses a VG PG ratio of 75VG / 25 PG.

We also offer a new option for all our 55/45 ratio E-Liquids, add 20% more VG which will change the ratio to 75/25%.    At this time the add 20% more VG is not available for the Sub Ohm line of E-Liquids due to possible health concerns.   When overheated, VG can start to decompose and release a toxin known as acrolein.

The higher the VG the more this could happen if overheated.    We also do not offer it on the Sub Ohm line because 100% VG E-liquids tend to not have nearly as much flavor since VG will dull out flavorings used to make that E-Liquid.