Caffeine Shot Option, What is it?

The Caffeine Shot is a unique option that Stella Blues Vapors offers on all it’s custom made E-Liquids.

Looking for that extra pick me up in the morning?   Or maybe you’re just tired of buying Red Bulls and Monster drinks all day?   Give our Caffeine Shot a try with the next bottle of E-liquid ordered.

When it comes to the Caffeine Shot option, We advise starting with just a single shot if you have never vaped caffeine to see if you like it and can handle it.

We say handle it because vaping caffeine is way different from ingesting it.  Every time you vape, you will be getting a blast on caffeine into your system because much like nicotine, your lungs will absorb the caffeine into your bloodstream almost immediately.

If you choose to get the caffeine added to your E-liquid you find that you need to stop vaping on it as much as an hour before bedtime or you might find yourself staying up all night.

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