Wicks, Atomizers, Top Feeding, Bottom Feeding Oh My!

Four common terms that are mentioned often are “Wick, Atomizer, Top Feeding, and Bottom feeding.

What does it all mean?

Wicks and Atomizers are actually the same thing.   In fact the correct term for any coil in any tank is Atomizer.    Many call it a wick because as an example the iClear 16 tank has long wick looking strings in it.   Those strings are in fact just part of the overall Atomizer.

Speaking of the iClear 16 tank, it is considered a top feeding tank because the coil that vaporizes the juice is located at the stop of the tank near the mouth piece.   This is the reason why the iClear 16 has long wick strings inside.   The juice has to be soaked up and feed into the coil at the top…..

Now in the case of the KangerTech T3S, you can’t see any long wick strings because the T3S is considered a bottom fed tank.    The Atomizer and it’s coil are actually at the bottom of the tank and not near the mouth piece.   In this type of tank, the juice is ALWAYS sitting on top of the Atomizer wick and as such the wick is really short.

What one is better is a personal choice but it would appear to us that bottom fed like the T3S, Pro Tank series, HyperTanks, are becoming more popular…