Pioneer4you IPV4 Review
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Pioneer4you IPV4 Review

This is a personal review of the Pioneer4you IPV4 Box Mod.

Good day to all,

Now that I’ve owned and used the Pioneer4you IPV4 box mod, I’d like to share my thoughts on the device in this quick mini review.

I’ve owned many devices over the last two years that I’ve been vaping.   I started out with the Innokin MVP version 2 box mod and like most vapors have been slowly upgrading ever since.

My MVP lasted well over a year, I went to the Innokin SVD when it came out and enjoyed using it greatly, tho I used it far less than my MVP because not long after going to the SVD, I ended up going to the mech mod to use RBA’s with low coil builds.

However, sub tanks have changed the playing field greatly and I found myself switching back over to my Axis box mod which was a custom ironwood mod made by USA based company that is no longer around.    Production issues kind of broke them as a company, however, after a year of use my Axis still works as it did from day one and I feel was worth $300 for it.

As much as I love my Axis, I’m not about to take it with me somewhere and possible leave it be hide or have some try taking it out of my car.   So I went looking for a new box mod and choose the Pioneer4you IPV4 for a few reasons.

I already had a few 18650 batteries laying around from using mech mods and the IPV4 requires two 18650’s to work.   being able to use batteries that I had laying around was a big plus.

I also like the battery cover that just slides on and off, I had my eye on the SIGELEI 100 Watt but the magnet cover kind of put me off a little as I’ve read posts of a few people loosing their cover after dropping the device.

Another key reason why I choose the Pioneer4you IPV4, is it has temperature control built in, so far I have not really used temp control that much for my vaping habits but it’s nice to know I already have a device that can do it if I choose to switch over to temp control in the future.

The 100 watts the Pioneer4you IPV4 offers is really nice, especially if using an RBA with 20 -24 ga wire, by being able to turn the wattage it up, it helps coils made with said wire heat up instantly.

Now the Pioneer4you IPV4S is out and the main difference between the two is the newer S version has a newer temperature control chip  and offers 120 watts instead of 100 watts, however, there is a firmware upgrade for the Pioneer4you IPV4 that will bump up the wattage to the same 120 as the newer S version which was a really nice bonus to get out of my device.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my Pioneer4you IPV4, how it performs with both RBA’s and sub tanks.    I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a newer box mod or an upgrade from a pen style device.

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