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Smok TFV4 Review

Today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Smok TFV4 Sub tank.

My first impressions of the Smok TFV4 is that it’s one badass tank.

Besides having 4 massive air holes that can be adjusted by the airflow control ring, the Smok TFV4 also has a unique drip tip that I haven’t seen on any other tank.

The drip tip is dual layered with a outer part that your mouth goes on while the inner part is where the vapor comes out of.   This design is great because it prevents you from burning your mouth since only the inner part gets hot.

The drip tip also has a adjustable airflow ring which is very nice when vaping at high wattages or when using a high nicotine amount.

Besides the drip tip, there are two many reasons why I’m very excited about the Smok TFV4 and why I say it’s a badass tank.

1) Coil options!

This tank currently has  a total of 15 different coils to choose from.    Everything from a single coil to a octuple (8) clapton fused core coil.   With the Smok TFV4, there is sure to be a coil to make just about anyone happy.    For the temp control crowd, they offer a Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel coil.

2) Several RBA options.

Some of the Smok TFV4 are sold with a single RBA attachment but there is also a dual RBA and a tri RBA as well.    Unlike all other subtanks that I am aware of, the RBA section for the Smok TFV4 has massive airflow, along with huge liquid channels.

I got the kit version that comes with the tank, replacement glass, 1 tri coil built at 0.2, 1 quad coil at 0.3, and the single coil RBA.    They also give you two rubber bands to put over your glass to protect it from breaking.   One 1 and the other black.    I feel that was a nice touch.

The Smok TFv4 is also a top filled tank with a unique swing out top and it’s possible to adjust the rubber fill port so it’s completely closed off to better help insure no leaking should the tank be laid down sideways.

The flavor from both the Tri and Quad coil is amazing, along with the cloud production which is no surprise since both are rated to a max of 130 watts for the Tri coil and 140 watts for the quad.   Tho, I have to agree with most reviews, around 110-120 watts, the vapor is just too hot for me.

Smok TFV4


From the above picture you can see that the coils are massive, I’d say about twice the size of the Atlantis / Kanger coils.    The air holes at the bottom are also much larger than most subtank coils, and the holes on the side that expose the cotton to the liquid are also huge compared to most subtank coils….

I’m currently using the tri coil at 90 watts on my IPV4 and it’s just awesome.    I can’t say how long the coil is going to last as I just started vaping on it a few days ago but I’ve seen reports that higher VG E-Liquids (80-100%) tend to gunk up the coils within about a week.

At the time of this review, we have managed to sell out of these within the store and never had a chance to get them on the site but I would keep a eye out for when we do get more in.

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