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Subtank Coil Life

Subtank Coil Life, Just how long should a coil last you?


When it comes to any coil for any tank, there is no real answer as to how long the coil will last.

Coils are being mass produced at such an insane rate that there is no quality control on them.   This is why you can buy a 5 pack and anywhere from 1 to all 5 are bad or the coil life only last just hours in some cases.

With the introduction of subtanks, the coil life has been improved and do last most vapors anywhere from 2-4 weeks.    There are a lot of factors that contribute to that large variance.

Let’s assume for a moment that the 5 pack of coils you just got are the most perfect coils to ever be created on the planet.   It’s still impossible to say how long the coil life will be for any given coil for a couple of reasons.

It depends on how much you vape thru the day, the more you vape the shorter the life of the coil will be.   The life expectancy can be shortened even further if using a high wattage setting that pushes near the max of what the coil can handle.

Recently a lot of sub tank coils have started to put a suggested wattage setting on the side of the coil.   In my opinion these numbers should be completely ignored as I feel the manufacturers are inflating the numbers so you will shorten the coil life greatly, causing you to buy new ones and in return causes the vapor shop/site to order more from the manufactures.

I know for a fact some vapors will see (60 -70 watts) on the side of the coil and immediately turn their device up to that setting which might not always be a good thing since one coil is going to be slightly different from the next.   I always suggest starting out at a lower setting and working your way up.    The manufacturers however would rather see you burn your coils out faster so you have to buy more.   One reason why the price for the same coil varies so much from shop to shop or site to site.    Some places like to mark them up because they know you will need to buy more.

It also depends on the eLiquid being used, it’s a known fact that darker eliquids will shorten the coil life from faster buildup of carbon on the coil .    Nicotine can also play a part depending on how high the strength is and how it mixes with a given eLiquid.    Some eLiquids can be fine with as much as 8mg of nicotine and others will make you cough your lungs on the floor with just 4mg.

12-19-2015 Update:

One more thing to keep in mind that can actually extended the life of your coil a bit longer.

When putting in a new coil, I suggest lowering your wattage setting because every coil will have a different limit but that does not mean you have to stay at a low wattage.   I have noticed that as of late subtank coils need to be “broken in” and how they are broken in can affect its life.

As an example, I started a Atlantis 0.5 coil at 32 watts and after about a day, upped it to 38 watts, followed by 42, 48, 54, 58, and after 3 weeks is now at 63 watts.

What is amusing about this, is on the side of the coil is printed (20-30 watts).   I’m 33 watts over the recommended wattage and have no issues.    This alone I feel semi backs up my statement “I would ignore that numbers printed on coils.”

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